Maik Suessemilch

Camera: Sony Alpha 7IV

Lens: Sony 70-200 F2,8 GMII

Aperture: F7,1

Shutter speed: 1/500sec

ISO: 100

Description: Lenkisiau, Olowag and Oloisula patrol their territory.

Story from behind the lens: What a morning it was in the Naibosho conservancy! Johnson our guide and us found the lionesses with their cubs straight after our start in the Kicheche Valley Camp, when we heard Lenkisiau roaring not far away. We thought about it for a moment but immediately decided to follow his call and look for him. After a few minutes we were lucky and found him in the open field. We had an incredible time with him during sunrise and I told Johnson it would be a jackpot if Olowag and Oloisula showed up too. And then the impossible happened and suddenly the two of them were there. It was incredible to see the three of them together and follow them. We spent the entire morning with the three of them and they were definitely on a mission. This picture shows very clearly their dynamic and, above all, their incredible power. This three boys are truly a symbol of the kings of the savannah.