Nagaraj Taware

Camera: Sony Alpha 7M3

Lens: Sony F4 GM 600MM

Aperture: F4

Shutter speed: 1/500

ISO: 160

Description: Catch me if you can.

Story from behind the lens: With the Great Migration in its peak in the month August 2023, we were sure about finding Big cats in action. This morning our guide Jeff Naurorey drove straight in Topi Plains which is a home of one of the largest pride of Lions. The Topi Pride is in its prime with the young boys growing bigger and are becoming nuisance for the ruling fathers. These young boys were chased away by the pride, however with no place to go, these boys stayed back on the periphery of their territory. The pride had made a kill late night and the young boys tried their luck on the remains. here's a shot of one of the young boy running away with whatever he could get.