Marcel Gath

Camera: Samsung

Lens: 69

Aperture: 2,4

Shutter speed: 1/1220

ISO: 50

Description: The warm morning sun kissed the horizon gently and touched softly the wide of the savannah. Me and my lovely brother take a stroll in the rustling grassland of the bush in Kenya. A majestic moment.

Story from behind the lens: My first stay in the beautiful Maasai Mara. I had no specific imagination. I just wanted to be inspired by the moment. THE moment, which I was allowed to catch. When looking around the yellow grassland, two kings lifted up their maned heads simultaneously. I was looking into two pairs of deep brown eyes coloured as the god blessed earth of the savannah. They greeted me in their own way. I was blessed with taking that shot and the two brothers continued their stroll through the bright grassland of the bush. What a moment!