Cyndy B Waters

Camera: Nikon Z7ii

Lens: 200-500 Old Nikkor

Aperture: F10

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 800

Description: Newborn Momo is trying to tear away the damaged part of his trunk. It seems may is was bitten by a crocodile. His mother and other female stand protecting him.

Story from behind the lens: I was photographing this small herd with these huge females and tiny new born who seem so preoccupied with his trunk. He was trying to step on it and was very distressed. All the same. he was really the one deciding which way the herd would go. His massive mother would try to sway him in one direction but eventually changed directions and followed him. We realized alter examining an image Id taken the it look like his ruck had been bitten by perhaps a crocodile. He was in danger of ripping his trunk badly. Rangers were informed and his mother allowed him to be taken to get medical help and the injured part of his trunk was removed and the next day he , having been named Momo, rejoined his awaiting herd. Seeing the tenderness of Momo's massive mother towards this tiny baby who while hurt ,was full of life and curiosity, was quite touching. Their size difference, I believe, was the greatest I'd ever seen between a mother and baby elephant. This was in the main part of the Maasai Mara Reserve.