Greta Holes

Camera: Sonya Alpha 9

Lens: Sony FE 200-600mm F: 5.6-6.3 G

Aperture: f 6.3

Shutter speed: 1/400

ISO: 400

Description: I often wonder what predators have in mind when they take down a living creature. What do they feel when they taste the warm blood of their prey. Look into the eyes of the Nne bora boy for answers.

Story from behind the lens: We landed at the Mara early afternoon and straight from the airstrip we were heading to our first safari, one can say it was a perfect timing for an afternoon game drive. At that point we did not know that it was literally the perfect timing of our arrival. We were like 20 minutes in the park when we saw a Southern Ground Hornbill family. I already knew it is a lucky afternoon. 10 minutes later we arrived to a site where the Nne Bora boys were casually feeding on a dead Topi. We were one of the first cars so we could position ourselves very well and observe every bit of their movements, disagreements and pleasure. It was only the first couple of hours of our stay, more magic followed. Well, the Mara never disappoints.