Lauren Keefe

Camera: Canon EOS R8

Lens: 500mm

Aperture: 10

Shutter speed: 1/500

ISO: 125

Description: A Little Bee-Eater takes a break on a branch on the shore of the Talek to enjoy their lunch of a stray fly.

Story from behind the lens: We pulled up to the shores of the Talek River on our safari to find a bloat of hippos. While the group’s attention was drawn to the gathering and grunting of these massive mammals, I was distracted by this bright Little Bee-Eater dancing in the air like a butterfly before it landed to enjoy a snack. Juxtaposed against the stumbling hippos on the shore, this bird appeared graceful and dainty. It made the fly look like a delicacy while the it tossed it into the air for a mid-afternoon snack.