Vicki Jauron

Camera: Nikon D3S

Lens: Nikon 70-200

Aperture: F3.2

Shutter speed: 1/250

ISO: 3200

Description: We watched Malaika stalk a group of impala in the rain one evening. After making the kill, she called her boys over for a much needed meal. The looked satisfied when we saw them the next morning.

Story from behind the lens: What a thrill to be able to watch Malaika and her boys in action. The boys were still too young to take part in the chase and capture, but I'll never forget the sound of Malaika's call when, after catching her breathe and after having few bites, she called them over to take part in the meal. I felt very sad for the beautiful impala, but we'd heard that Malaika had not eaten for several days and was in need of the nourishment. Nature provides.