Mohamed Shakir Mohamed Nawabdeen

Camera: Sony A7iii

Lens: Sigma 150-600

Aperture: 6.3

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 1250

Description: Hungry leopard climbing up the tree to have her lunch

Story from behind the lens: This was our first encounter of leopard during my first visit to masai mara in July 2023.We were looking around for any big cats and realized there is a leopard which had a kill in the tree, but we couldn't see any leopard around, after waiting for about an hour the leopard came out from the bush and just sit next to the tree and relaxing. We still had the hope that it will climb up the tree to eat her kill. So waited for another hour and half and suddenly she started climbing up and I had few seconds to capture while climbing and took this shot while in the middle of the tree branch.It was really worth waiting to capture this shot.