Erin Clark

Camera: Canon EOS R

Lens: RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM + EXTENDER RF2x

Aperture: f11

Shutter speed: F250

ISO: 400

Description: Middle of a very hot day in July - the 4 brothers were at the top of a termite mound scouting for prey

Story from behind the lens: In the middle of a very hot July day, these famous brothers were lounging at the highest vantage point, a large termite mound. All four faced different directions , scanning the horizons for movement, until I somehow caught the attention of two of them - I believe one was unimpressed while the other was curious. I froze while clicking photos. These beautiful boys were panting and looking into the distance, until they finally saw a lone topi in the middle of an empty field. I wonder how they communicated to each other that this is the one, because we didn't hear a sound from them. They all got up in unison, and strolled stealthily down the hill, towards what they hoped would be their next unsuspecting meal, approximately 2 km. away.