Monica McClintock

Camera: iPhone 13 pro max

Lens: Na

Aperture: Na

Shutter speed: Ns


Description: During our August 2022 game drive in the Mara, we observed these two lions in a tree. I was able to capture this beautiful site what the others did not.

Story from behind the lens: 18 of us were touring the great Maasai Mara on 8/25/22 when we noticed lions in a tree to our left side. When our amazing tour guide, Daniel Muthee, saw our enthusiasm of this viewing, he got us closer so that we could view this beautiful site of a male and female lion moving towards each other in a sweet and loving way. They placed their paws on top of each other, then nuzzled their faces together. She started to give him love bites on his nose and proceeded to move away and down/off the tree. As she moved away, he watched her every move and carefully placed his paw on the top of her tail and kept it there until she jumped down. He then followed her in an impressive stretch along two large tree limbs, then down off the tree to catch up to her. We were in awe and I was so happy to capture this special moment between these devoted and regal wild animals!