Gurcharan Roopra

Camera: Nikon D5

Lens: Nikkor 200-400 f/4

Aperture: f/4

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 450

Description: Lion scavenging on a tommy stolen from a cheetah

Story from behind the lens: Probably the most time I’ve spent on the edge of my seat.... This male chased the tommy unsuccessfully, the gazelle ran in the direction of a cheetah, who managed to capture and strangle. However two min later, the Gazelle got up and attacked the cheetah, horns narrowly missing. The cheetah managed to save itself and also grabbed on again, only for the same male lion to come and scavenge. The cheetah left the location, drank water at a river only for a Warthog mom and baby to walk past boasting as if they were saying “you can’t catch us” another hunt in progress, the baby was on the edge of capture, only for the mom to counter attack, leaving it running for safety. Within a few seconds a leopard turns out from nowhere