Alyson Betz

Camera: Canon EOS R6

Lens: RF 100-500 F4.5-7.1

Aperture: f6.3

Shutter speed: 1/3200

ISO: 800

Description: A beautiful leopard descends down the tree after a morning nap

Story from behind the lens: We were incredibly lucky that our guide spotted a leopard during a morning game drive. Even more so that we were the only party with her and she was so relaxed and let us spend a great deal of time watching and photographing. I believe that was because we made sure to stay quiet for awhile until she became used to us. The leopard traversed the tree, back and forth, licked the paws, yawned and decided- time for a morning walk. Hence she descended downward. The leopard and the tree were harmonious, which is expressed visually by the tail and the tree branch in perfect symmetry.