Camilla Coffey

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Lens: 400mm

Aperture: f8.0

Shutter speed: 1/1600

ISO: 2000

Description: A leopard takes down a young wildebeest as a herd crosses through a laagar.

Story from behind the lens: We knew there was a leopard in the laager, but as a sighting seemed impossible we focussed our attention on the herds of wildebeest moving through a laagar and up the hill in front of us. After some time we put our cameras down and with cameras in laps a leopardess shot across in front of our vehicle. For a moment we were distracted by the sighting, as were the wildebeest, until our guide Jimmy pointed to a leopard dragging a young wildebeest into the laager.

With the leopardess forgotten and the male leopard out of sight of the remaining herd members, the wildebeest continued through the laager to join their friends on the hill. Through pure instinct, the male leopard dropped his original kill and returned his attention to the passing animals, looking to make another kill. We managed to capture this unfolding scene in stills, and watch him take care to select his next takedown. One young wildebeest caught his attention, and his grip, but not much more and managed to escape. In the chaos, within seconds the wildebeest in this photo was the ultimate unfortunate victim, and it fought hard despite its youth but was ultimately dispatched through asphyxiation.