Jules Oldroyd

Camera: Canon r5

Lens: 400m 2.8 III +1.4x III

Aperture: F4

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 1000

Description: One of the male lions keeps a watchful eye as one of the cubs approaches the kill

Story from behind the lens: We found the Hammerkop pride just after sunrise on a zebra kill. The three males were on the kill, whilst the rest of the pride would intermittently try & take a bite without incurring the wrath of the males. As the scene in front of me was quite a bloody one, I waited patiently for those moments where you could see interaction & behavior between the lions. This was one such moment as one of the smaller cubs came towards the kill, one of the males lifted his head above the carcass. Of the images I took I liked the one where you can see just one eye as it seems more menacing.