Camera: Canon R5

Lens: Canon 16-35

Aperture: F2.8

Shutter speed: 1/200

ISO: 6400

Description: The future king of the mara watches us carefully under a spectacular sunset.

Story from behind the lens: This was taken at the end of the day on the way back to the lodge, we stumbled upon this group of sub adult lions hanging out on the road. It had just rained earlier in the afternoon so the clouds were very moody, setting us up for an epic sunset! I got as low as I could in our photography vehicle and start shooting. One of the sub adult male lions got up and slowly started walking towards us while his brothers and sisters watched intensely behind him. It wasn't until we start the car up did they start to move off the road, but the mission was accomplished, we got great shots just as the last light was fading! You just never know what you might get in the Mara.