Allan Hathaway

Camera: Canon EOS R5

Lens: Canon RF 400mm 2.8

Aperture: f7.1

Shutter speed: 1/2000

ISO: 1000

Description: Black Rhinoceros silhouette at Sunrise in the Mara

Story from behind the lens: We had only been out of camp ten minutes and rolling up the road, and Ken quickly stopped and quietly scanned the hills ahead. He turned around and asked, "should we try and get a shot of this rhino", it was a resounding "Yes". We took off quickly up one of the side roads off the main and speed along until we could get a skyline view of the rhinoceros. The rhinoceros was moving quickly and was not waiting around for anyone. We got to a spot where we stopped and only had a moment to get the shot. I quickly dropped down to the floor of the landcuriser to get as low as possible and let the camera go to work. It all came together in a fleeting moment, it's one of those shots that happens quickly and you've got to nail in the first few frames. It only took a couple more minutes and the rhinoceros had dropped below the crest of the hill and the shot was gone.