Aman Gandhi

Camera: Canon EOS 90D

Lens: 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Contemporary

Aperture: f / 6.3

Shutter speed: 1 / 1000 sec

ISO: 100

Description: Golden sunrise in the Mara featuring a male grants gazelle walking calmly into the open plains with golden hues shining on its body, the grassland, and golden light textured on its horns and tail.

Story from behind the lens: As the golden sun had risen over the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya; I had asked my guide Tim to rush towards a hill to capture the glorious golden sun, in the midst of finding the right spot, I had spotted a pair of mating Grant's Gazelles (Nanger granti) and the male (pictured) had suddenly wandered off on his own, once they had finished mating. Deciding to follow the male grant gazelle, I had identified an opportunity to get the perfect silhouette with the just risen golden sun reflecting directly on the grant gazelle and it's horns creating the perfect silhouette light as it walked towards the direction of the sunrise reflecting the perfect golden hues on its body, the grass and most importantly bringing out the golden glow and shine through the fibres and textures of its tail. Minding its own, the grants gazelle walks calmly into the open plains with an amazing glow and sunrise behind it including the yellow orange and dark fiery skies in Africa. I must emphasise to the judges, viewers and picture enthusiasts that this is picture has no editing done towards it and I personally agree that it brings out how unique this very scene was that morning, a low angle from the vehicle, golden grassy plains and excellent positioning from my guide, Tim, this scene was captured midway through last month, December, 2023, not too far from Loyk Mara Camp, my accommodation in the Mara.