Hema Shah

Camera: Canon 60d

Lens: Sigma 150-600

Aperture: 14

Shutter speed: 800

ISO: 3200

Description: Playful cheetah cubs in golden light.

Story from behind the lens: After spending an hour with Selenkei and her two beautiful cubs, she decided to rest for a while by the roadside on a grass mound. My guide had parked his car on the road and all a sudden, the two cubs jumped right into the middle of the road and started playing. It almost looked like a boxing match!

We were parked on the road at quite a distance and I was glad I got them right in the middle of the frame.

It was dry and dusty and in their playfulness they kicked up some dust. The golden hour was perfectly in tune for getting this shot.

Thanks to my guide for positioning the car just by the roadside hence allowing me to get this shot.

I heard that Selenkei lost a cub a few days after I took this photo. I therefore dedicate this photo to her lost cub. May you shine in golden light forever!