Cyndy B Waters

Camera: Nikon 9

Lens: old 200-500 Nikkor

Aperture: f9

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 3200

Description: Fu was high in a tree and climbed down to where she was looking directly down at me.

Story from behind the lens: I first photographed Fu and her sibling when Fig brought them out to see us and spend a long time on the road playing with us and doing what one Fig would do. Fu was about 2 months old. I been blessed to see her since on most of my trips to the Mara. I had photographed her mother for years and this shot was a few months after Fig death. I was so expired to see Fu and get to spends a lot of time where her. While I was taking this shot some how it seems to me her name just became Fu and I no lonnger call her Faulu.