mostahfiz Gani

Camera: fuJI XT-3

Lens: fuJINON 200MM F2 +1.4TC

Aperture: f4

Shutter speed: 1/2000

ISO: 250

Description: Two lion cubs feasting on a zebra

Story from behind the lens: A lioness had dragged a zebra into valley and invited her cubs to eat. She was teaching them how to open up the kill and tear off the flesh. She then left the two cubs to carry out her instructions while she watched from a distance. As the action was taking place below ground level, I had to constantly move my way around the jeep to get the best and lowest angle possible to compose this shot, using the stripes and entrails of the zebra as leading lines to the lion cubs. Incredibly you can also spot a frog, resting not the zebra's intestines! I think this works well as we have a lot of contrasting elements, life and death, young and old, small and big, orange and green and ultimately the harsh circle of life that is ever prevalent in the Masai Mara.