Kunal D Shah

Camera: Canon EOS R3

Lens: EF70-200mm

Aperture: f/8.0

Shutter speed: 1/1600

ISO: 500

Description: Topi Pride kill

Story from behind the lens: Having driven around Mara north conservancy for the whole morning without any sightings, we decided to drive to the park to see if we would have better luck. Upon arriving by rhino ridge, we saw 2 buffalo wondering the slopes and saw a few lioness heads starting to pay attention. After about half an hour, the chase was on. They gave chase, and the 2 buffalo split ways. One was pounced upon but managed to escape to the nearest waterhole in the area..... He was soon surrounded by the entire pride (excluding the 2 males). After a few failed attempts to find his way out, the buffalo bolted for an opening but a lioness pounced on him and headed back for the water. The pride patiently waited for an opportune time for the final kill... and finally ended their day with full bellies. This was one of the last time all the adult female lionesses hunted together. Roughly 2 weeks later, sadly 1 lioness was killed by a buffalo.