Shelina Solaro

Camera: Fujifilm XT-10

Lens: 100-400mm LM OIS WR

Aperture: F5.6

Shutter speed: 1/170

ISO: 200

Description: A male leopard stalks and sneaks up on a warthog as his potential prey for the sunset feed at golden hour. A deathly stare while the warthog has no idea.

Story from behind the lens: Miraculously, leopard says to himself, how did I quite get this close. Has he really not seen me? Im getting good at stealth mode. As we see this beautiful cat laying under the trees, he sees potential dinner. He creeps up to a warthog, with his eyes bigger than his mouth. The Guinea fowl in the surroundings start making warning sounds. The lazy warthog turns to see the fuss and suddenly sees leopard giving him this deathly stare. He leaps up scaring the cat and the rest was quite a comedy as they face off. Maybe try for a smaller dinner next time my friend.