kb chandra

Camera: Sony A1

Lens: Sony 400mm f2.8 TC 1.4x

Aperture: f/7.1

Shutter speed: 1/640

ISO: 1000

Description: Amusing to watch the cub getting out and being repeatedly taken back into the den by the hyena mom. When processing I realised this image showed impressive human like expressions through their eyes.

Story from behind the lens: We went several times to the hyena den on our late evening drives. On the last attempt we were lucky to see a lot of inter-action between the hyenas in the clan. I was lucky to see one cub refusing to stay inside the den and the mother had to repeatedly take the cub back. When I was processing my pictures I came across this amazing shot with the eyes of the cub and the hyena on the right with such impressive expressions. Is the cub saying 'take it easy mom'? Is the hyena on the right wondering what all the commotion is about? Is the hyena inside the den with ears popping up to see what is happening. Great actors in the Mara jungle book story.