Alison Langevad

Camera: Canon EOS R5

Lens: EF400mm f2.8L IS II USM

Aperture: f6.3

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 250

Description: An exhausted lion sleeps in the ribcage of a buffalo

Story from behind the lens: While exploring the Maasai Mara’s Rhino Ridge area we came across the Topi pride feasting on a buffalo kill. Currently the biggest pride in the main reserve, the Topi pride is made up of the 3 ‘Sala’ males, 8 adult females, 14 young ones and 2 new-born cubs (approximately 2-3 months old), an impressive sight to see. With the numbers and skill to bring down big prey like buffalo and hippo, it is still a tussle for all to secure a share of the feast. It made us laugh to watch an exhausted female take a nap in the rib cage of the buffalo, rather than give up her spot at the kill.