Indranil Dutta

Camera: Nikon Z 9

Lens: Nikkor 500 mm F4 ED VR

Aperture: F8

Shutter speed: 1/640 Sec

ISO: 200

Description: Struggle of a young Wildebeest calf caught by a huge crocodile as he was unable to climb the banks of the Mara River

Story from behind the lens: Once the herd of Wildebeest crossed the Mara River, they had to jump over a steep slope to reach beyond the crocodiles. The entire herd crossed the slope to reach the other side of the river. This young calf tried to jump over the slope and failed 4 times. He then turned to see the approaching crocodiles. As he was too tired to attempt another jump, he decided to get into the river and cross it again. One of the crocodiles caught him from behind and tried to drown him. The second approaching crocodile grabbed his neck and relieved him of his agony. This photograph was taken when the second crocodile caught hold of his neck and drowned him.