David Roberts

Camera: Canon 1 dx mkII

Lens: Canon 400mm 2.8

Aperture: f8

Shutter speed: 1/60th sec

ISO: 250

Description: Grey crowned cranes alighting a tree as the sun goes down

Story from behind the lens: I had planned this shot after seeing the white storks roosting in the same tree the evening before . I wanted to show the majesty of the seemingly clumsy white storks who had recently arrived during their migration. I set the lens to allow a reasonable shutter speed to show the birds in good detail. Also, a mid range iso setting would allow plenty of light. As I waited for the sun to hit the horizon, I was amazed to see two huge grey crowned cranes flying into the top of the tree. I fired the shutter just as they opened their wings for landing. This to me, made the shot even more special.