Pascal HOMSY

Camera: Nikon Z8

Lens: Nikkor Z 180-600mm f/5,6-6,3 VR

Aperture: 6,3

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 320

Description: Female Leopard BAHATI, going back to the tree to try to bring her prey down, but she did not succeed

Story from behind the lens: We arrived by mid morning to observe female leopard BAHATI go back to get her prey she had killed the night before. BAHATI was acutally sleeping in the bush nearby, few meters from the tree, with the killed gazelle. hanging on the left branch of a dead tree. After 1h30 hours of waiting that she goes up to the tree top, we left and came back few hours later around 5h30pm. Waited for about another 50min, nothing. The sun light became very warm around 6h15pm and we were about to leave by 6h20pm. At 6h21pm, BAHATI jumped in the tree and attempted to bring the prey down. The scene lasted few minutes and she finally went down leaving the gazelle because she could not detach the prey from the tree. BAHATI gave us the opportuntity to catch this picture, her on the tree, lying on her prey. As if she had waited to get up just when the light was fine. The magic of Masai Mara !