Preeti & Prashant Chacko

Camera: Nikon D5

Lens: 500mm F/4

Aperture: f/4.5

Shutter speed: 1/2500

ISO: 640

Description: A cub from the Black Rock pride tenderly greets another, while both are bathed in backlit dawn light.

Story from behind the lens: The Black Rock area was simply magical in December and January 21/22, with the large Black Rock pride and their numerous cubs putting on show after glorious show. This morning was special with the cubs being particularly active. We chose to frame our subjects in backlighting as much as possible that morning. After a few frenetic moments trying to frame the hyper-active cubs, we decided to look for some more relaxed and hopefully tender moments. These two cubs obliged soon and had the courtesy to also give us this moment unobstructed by the many bushes and vehicles in the area!