Ahmed Rashed

Camera: Nikon Z9

Lens: 100-400 4.5-5.6 S

Aperture: F5.6

Shutter speed: 1/6400

ISO: 1600

Description: Witnessing a fierce fight for food between three birds in Masai-Mara was an unforgettable experience. We captured the stunning moment on camera, amazed by the raw power of nature.

Story from behind the lens: As we journeyed through Masai-Mara, our eyes were constantly scanning the skies for any sign of wildlife. Suddenly, in the distance, we spotted three birds hurtling towards each other.

We carefully approached, watching and waiting as the birds circled each other for several minutes. Then, without warning, they launched into a fierce battle for food. Talons locked, wings beating furiously, they fought with all their might.

We were captivated by the intensity of the scene before us, and we snapped photo after photo, capturing every moment of the birds' epic struggle. And in the end, we felt lucky to have witnessed such a beautiful and awe-inspiring display of nature's raw power.