Ketan Khambhatta

Ketan is a wildlife lover and passionate photographer mainly interested in photographing animals in their natural habitat. He has been fortunate enough to spend time traveling for his passion of photography for close to 10 years. Ketan is a 2018 finalist. His greatest moment in the Mara was while witnessing a crossing at the Mara River. As hundreds of wildebeests came running towards the river there was so much drama, noise & dust clouds. Ketan was in his safari vehicle and after photographing this phenomenon for a while, he put down his camera to witness the scene and take it all in. While doing so, he spotted a few zebras who had approached the water cautiously and that is when he realised the different personalities of different animals. He picked up the camera again and focused on this group of zebras and was able to photograph both the wildebeest and the zebra in the same frame, while they were thinking and behaving completely differently.

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