Fernando Morales Roca

Fernando started in the world of photography when he was very young and his sister gave him his first film camera. From that moment he does not remember having been without a camera in his hands until today. Landscapes and wildlife photography are his preference and enjoying the environment in which he is in, traveling around the world and meeting good friends. Fernando is a 2018 finalist. His best moment in the Mara was being able to experience the Great Migration. One of the dreams of any wildlife photographer is to be able to see it and photograph it. It wasn't until the fourth attempt and after more than 5 hours of waiting that his moment arrived. When everything finally blew up, he was so nervous that he had to rest the camera on the seats of the Jeep to stop his hands shaking in the moment. Finally he got what today is one of his best photographs, but behind the picture there are many more experiences that cannot be shown.

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