Clement Kiragu

Clement Kiragu is a Kenyan Commercial and Wildlife Photographer. In 2017 he was named Africa’s Photographer of the Year with his winning image “Immobilized”- a competition run by Rhino Africa, a South African Luxury Travel Company. Clement's greatest moment in the Mara was on a warm September evening in 2018. He was with his guests at the banks of Mara River hoping to see a good crossing before the day ended. A herd of zebras started gathering by the river but the sun was hidden under a very dark cloud. He then spotted the tail of a lioness at the river and immediately advised his guests to focus her. Just as the zebras started jumping into the river, the sun came out from behind the clouds in time to backlight the zebras. At the same time the lioness sprang to action. The Zebras started running away from the river creating a backlit cloud of dust as the lioness made her attempt at dinner. It was the most dramatic hunt (photographically) that he had ever seen.

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