Barbara Jensen Vorster

Barbara Jensen Vorster is a Communication & Marketing Executive from Johannesburg, South Africa. Her greatest moment in the Mara was very early one golden morning when she witnessed a young leopardess, Luluka, carrying her cub to a new den site. Apart from the fact that this is a bucket list siting for any photographer, what made it even more special to her was that she knew Luluka from the time that she was the size of the little cub in her mouth playing with her mother, Lorian. They knew she had cubs and, with their guide Sammy Kaleku, were checking her lugga twice a day with no luck. Then on their last morning they drove out there first thing and waited. With sunrise, Luluka appeared and started walking into the rising sun with this little cub dangling from her mouth. Barbara's first 100 photos were out of focus as she was so excited or perhaps due to the tears running down her cheeks.

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