Tim Hulme

IN AID OF Angama Foundation

ESTIMATE $400 - $600


Excludes global shipping allowance of $100.

This image will be printed in A1 on Tecco PM230, a smooth, matt paper with weight of 230gsm, signed by the photographer (where supplied) and include a verification certificate. Refer below for additional T&Cs.

Auction ended 02 July 2020 at 0:00 EAT

Details Nikon D850 70-200mm f2.8 Nikon f16 1/50 ISO 320

Stayed at Angama Mara

Guided by Jackson

Description We were lucky enough to see an unseasonal crossing of the Mara River. The water level was so low that the crocodiles had lined up waiting. Eventually this herd of Zebra's made it across.

Story from behind the lens The 70-200 is the longest lens that I use in my career (as a portrait and fashion photographer), and is incredible quality. I did find it a bit short while in the Mara though, and bought a 600mm shortly after. Maybe this is the start of my career in wildlife photography.

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