Joseph Byrne

Camera: Canon EOS REBEL T5i

Lens: Canon EF S18 - 135

Aperture: f/6.3

Shutter speed: 1/400 sec.

ISO: ISO-200

Description: Leopard leaves the safety of the tree to explore the Mara

Story from behind the lens: Our guide Nicolas worked with his fellow guides to find a Leopard. It was one of the big five we had not yet seen. We got word of one in a tree and raced to the location, not far from the Angama lodge. Here we found this leopard relaxing among the tree branches, blending in and making it difficult to spot. We waited for over 30 minutes determined to get a better view and to observe what the leopard would do next. We were very lucky that it soon decided to escape the safety of the tree at which point I got a fantastic picture of its descent. The leopard quickly disappeared into the tall grass leaving the whole jeep in awe.