Julie Grohs

Camera: Nikon Z 9

Lens: Nikkor Z 400 mm f/4.5 VR S

Aperture: 4.5

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 400

Description: Large group of wildebeest gathering on the slopes of the Mara River bank for a crossing.

Story from behind the lens: The presence of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest during the migration is a mighty sight. When they gather on the riverbanks to cross over the Mara River to greener savanna the lowing, scuffling feet, dust, crowding and indecision create added drama to the endless cycle. Here there was pressure from several hundred more animals above them on the plateau, yet they had little forward motion. It’s impossible to tell who if anyone is in charge of the plan as they go up and down the slopes prior to crossing to the other side. The chaos is indescribable but the photos are dreamy.