Alistair Smith

Camera: Nikon D5

Lens: Nikon 500mm f/4.0

Aperture: f/10

Shutter speed: f/10

ISO: 1600

Description: Navigating slippery rocks, steep banks and crocodile infested waters, this male lion risked everything to latch on to his prey! This for me, is the epitome of the Great Migration.

Story from behind the lens: Well positioned and ever patient at the infamous Peninsula crossing point in the Southern section of the Mara Triangle, we waited for a rather large herd of wildebeest to make their way down to the river. After a lengthy wait characterised the usual back-and-forth behaviour, the mounting pressure eventually broke and the crossing was on! The only difference with this crossing being that there were hungry lions in wait... and wait they needn't had to as they rushed in amongst the panicked herd and systematically picked off three exiting wildebeest. The male in picture, seemed to struggle at first to latch on to his prey, before eventually locking on to his target, slipping down the wet rocks and landing in the Mara River where he eventually managed to deliver the final blow, before dragging his well earned meal out of the river to a point where he was able to feed in relative peace.