Krishnakant Mathuria

Camera: Nikon Z9

Lens: Nikkor 400 MM

Aperture: 4

Shutter speed: 1/200

ISO: 125

Description: The Zebra stares at a certain death amid the downpour after being grievously injured by the Hyenas !!

Story from behind the lens: This Sub Adult Zebra had got separated from the herd, its rear leg and had been ripped apart by the clan of Hyenas and it was partially paralysed, hyenas were incessantly chasing it and not letting it go far, it was matter of time before Zebra would be taken down, it started to rain and when they paused for a moment I took this picture with Zebra staring at a certain death in backdrop of downpour with Hyenas in pursuit. It rang up a lot of emotions and sense of sadness for the helpless Zebra.