Subi Sridharan

Camera: Canon EOS R5

Lens: RF 100-500mm f4.5-7.1 L IS USM

Aperture: f7.1

Shutter speed: 1/640

ISO: 500

Description: Cheetah trying to cross the Mara River

Story from behind the lens: On one of the morning safari we found a coalition of 2 cheetahs. They looked hungry but not many prey in sight. They were trying to cross the Mara river and it was so interesting. As always cat's don't like water. They tested the water a few times before trying to cross. They also used the small rocks as a launching pad. After trying a few times, they were not sure and they came back. I was following one of the cheetahs and while crossing it exactly looked up and started growling. Since I was tracking it with my camera I was able to capture the moment it looked right up.