David M Rutter

Camera: Canon EOS m50 mark II

Lens: Canon 55-200mm

Aperture: f6.3

Shutter speed: 1/640s

ISO: 200

Description: Tatu Bora coalition takes down a topi

Story from behind the lens: We spent a couple hours watching the three members of the Tatu Bora cheetah coalition (one has since died, leaving just two) as they lounged and relaxed in the shadow of several safari vehicles. All the time, we could see a lone topi off in the distance. We thought that the cheetahs must be aware of it but made no move in that direction. Eventually, our wonderful guide, Ntimama Npoe, indicted that we should drive to the other side of the topi and wait. Sure enough, as soon as we did, the cheetahs moved to attack, successfully taking down the topi. This image was captured during the ensuing battle, which the topi lost in rather rapid time.