Camera: Nikno z9

Lens: 100-400Z lens

Aperture: f.9

Shutter speed: 1/1600

ISO: 5000

Description: Jabari has his tail twirled around his mom's, Nelangus, head

Story from behind the lens: I was leading a PhotoWorkshop for SXSE and we had been following Nelangu and Jazari for some time and she had jumped up on a ridge and when Jazari followed we were excited to get this show of affection. I've been photographing these town since he was a few months old. They have been a very good and happy team. But I have always found Nelangu hard to photographs has her eyes are usually only about half opened and she does not like to look directly at me. But this time she finally gave me a clean shot and even stared at me a few moments. This was a Mara North.