Lens: 400mm 2.8 III +1.4 extender

Aperture: f4

Shutter speed: 1/4000

ISO: 200

Description: Vultures strip a giraffe carcass in Olare Motorogi conservancy.

Story from behind the lens: We saw vultures circling so we knew a kill was close by & as we turned a corner we saw a chaotic scene with over a dozen vultures on a giraffe carcass. By this stage it was clear that lions & hyenas had enjoyed most of the spoils & now the vultures were there to strip the carcass. The vultures behaviour brought to mind some of the dinosaurs out of Jurassic Park with the noise & how the fought each other for their share of the spoils. I therefore shot tight to single out individual vultures & also create an image that had a sense of menace with the rib cage used a framing device.