Yusuf Saeed

Camera: fujifilm XT3

Lens: fujifilm lens 100-400mm f4.5/5.6

Aperture: f/5.6

Shutter speed: 1/400

ISO: 6400

Description: Strategy and speed by the most fabulous creature

Story from behind the lens: It was the moment I studied, learned, and watched a lot of documentaries for.

I was in the car with another three photographers and the Guide Leshan. The two Tano Bora's brothers hadn't had a kill in the last five days, so Leshan told us that we were expecting a hunt these days. I suggested that we wait all day with them. Windy and Olnyok, the two cheetahs, started to make a strategy as one would face the deer from the forward to make them run and escape to the other side while there would be the other cheetah waiting for them to attack. Till here, it's enough of a perfect scene. Because of all of my studying about cheetahs behaviours, I knew that the other one was going to attack from behind. That's why when the first one started to move, I knew that was just to scare them, so I told my group and turned to the other side of the car, and in just one moment, I was able to capture the cheetah while running against the deer. It was just one second, just one. While I was taking the photo, I told my friends it's here, as I told you, but they didn't have time to turn around and take the photo. For me, I was prepared. I am grateful for this moment; it was like a study. Make it worth it.