Camera: Can on R5

Lens: 400M 2.8 III

Aperture: F2.8

Shutter speed: 1/800

ISO: 250

Description: Portrait of leopard Nolari one of the resident leopards in Naboisho Conservancy

Story from behind the lens: Just after lunch we heard alarm calls from vervet monkeys & one of the camp staff saw leopardess Nolari pass through into the valley area in front of our camp. When it came time for our afternoon game drive all of camp the vehicles headed into valley searching for Nolari. It took 40 minutes for us to finally find her hunkered down behind a termite mound, where she was keeping a close eye on an impala. The impala was also looking in Nolari’s direction & my guide believed that she probably had a calf somewhere which was hiding in the grass. We were able to get in a position that enabled me to get some great portraits of this beautiful leopard. However the pose I liked the best is when she got up after being bothered by flies & decided to move off to a nearby acacia tree. This portrait has strong eye contact & shooting wide open enabled me to ensure that the focus is entirely on Nolari.