Jackie Downey

Camera: Canon 5D mk4

Lens: 100-400mm

Aperture: F8.0

Shutter speed: 1/1000

ISO: 400

Description: Four of the Moniko pride cubs enjoying some early morning play, and a drink

Story from behind the lens: We had seen some of this pride high on some granite but as we got closer they all started to move off, and away from us. We moved to a different position and sure enough they came down off that hill and started out across the plains. The cubs were enjoying chasing and playing with each and chasing the mums too. We positioned near this small water source and sure enough some of the cubs came to it to drink, though was more intent on ambushing his litter mates! The one it landed on just carried on drinking, much to our delight, ignoring the little one, who landed on it's back and slid to the ground!