Maik Suessemilch

Camera: Sony Alpha 7IV

Lens: Sony 24-70mm F2,8

Aperture: F9

Shutter speed: 1/400sec

ISO: 200

Description: Lioness with her Kill in front of the incredible Maasai Mara sky.

Story from behind the lens: I stood rooted, in the heart of Africa's Maasai Mara, captivated by the raw, untamed beauty of nature.

We was on our afternoon drive as Ken our guide spot this beautiful lioness in the wide plains of the Triangle. A lioness, her golden eyes aflame, guarded her hard-earned kill, the setting sun painting her coat in hues of fire. The moment was really special with this dramatic sky and all the sunbeams!

Her gaze met mine, a tacit agreement to mutual respect and survival. Never before had I felt so small, so humbled by the power and wildness of the natural world. 

It taught me a timeless lesson, of courage, resilience and the circle of life. 

In every corner of the world, life persists, and thrives. And man, we are but temporary guests on this magnificent planet.