William Fortescue

Camera: Nikon D850

Lens: Tamron 27-70mm f/2.8

Aperture: f/4.0

Shutter speed: 1/640

ISO: 80

Description: A giant tusker feeds on grass under the oloololo escarpment

Story from behind the lens: Having spent the morning on a balloon safari I'd left my telephoto lenses in my tent, instead just taking a 24-70mm with me. On the drive back to camp we came across a herd of elephant giving me a great opportunity to try something different. Leaning over my passenger door I got as low as I could to try and fill the frame with this beautiful animal. I wanted to position the subject so that it dwarfed the escarpment in the background as well as having the moon in the top corner of the frame, all adding to the gigantic presence of the elephant.