Tasia VanderVegt

Camera: Nikon D7200

Lens: Nikkor 200-500

Aperture: 5.6

Shutter speed: 125

ISO: 1250

Description: A leopard waits out the rain by hiding in a bush

Story from behind the lens: We heard that a leopard was spotted hiding in some bushes waiting out the rain. Its food had been spotted in a tree not far away. The leopard was very well camouflaged and it took me some time to spot him mixed in with the leaves. We were close to the bush where he hid and I was wishing for a smaller lens but feared there was no time. We had the windows up to protect against the rain (and the leopard). With the window, the close proximity, the rain and the depth of the bush to contend with, I had to switch to manual focus to get the frame set up as I wanted. With some patience and luck, I was able to get the leopard eyes in focus to capture this shot.