John Lombard

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Lens: EFS 18-135MM

Aperture: f/6.3

Shutter speed: 1/320

ISO: ISO-160

Description: Lioness, covered in ticks and surrounded by flies, works her way through the grass searching for prey.

Story from behind the lens: It was my first safari, day three. We had set out to find cheetahs today in the greater Mara. After a spectacular bush lunch and in the heat of the day, we came across three lionesses. Not far from the Kenya/Tanzania boarder, but still within the Mara Triangle, these three emerged before us out of some tall grass. They slowly explored the rocky outcropping on the edge of the road and drank what little water had gathered in pools. At the moment I took the photo, this lioness had perked up as something caught her attention. From my higher vantage point in the jeep, I could see it was a family of warthogs that ran down a hill and out of sight. She quickly lost interest - perhaps she had only seen something rustling in the grass that was now gone.