Michael Paris

Camera: Canon EOS R

Lens: Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS Contemporary

Aperture: f/8

Shutter speed: 1/2000

ISO: 1600

Description: A female lioness carries one of her cubs in her mouth through a marshland

Story from behind the lens: We were circling around a marshland area and were about to move off and head back to have breakfast when our guide noticed two lionesses walking through the thick grass, and one of them was carrying a cub in her mouth. Our guide then managed to bring us face-to-face with the lioness, maintaining an appropriate distance from her, but she had already put the cub down by that point. Luckily enough, there happened to be a second cub a few metres behind her which she turned round to grab, and at that moment our guide looked at me and frantically exclaimed "SHE'S GOING TO PICK HIM UP, GET THAT SHOT!", and sure enough she did, and walked straight toward our van, maintaining her piercing eye-contact. A truly breathtaking experience!